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Wild magic that casts other spells at random, either from the wand itself or from a particular subset.

Ignores both mana drain and charges of actual copied spell, and are unlocked by killing Kolmisilmän koipi.

This modifier attaches a random modifier to a projectile spell. Nearly any kind of modifier can be selected, including path and movement modifiers, material trails, larpa duplication effects, and more.

Chaos Magic is one of the possible modifiers despite technically being classified as a projectile.


  • Explosion Immunity is highly recommended if you want to avoid an untimely death. Expect to see Nuke Orbit and Nukes.
  • Fire Immunity and Electricity Immunity are also extremely helpful in preventing damage from modifiers such as Lightning Thrower and Fireball Thrower
  • The mana cost of the selected modifier will be ignored, but the effect of Mana To Damage can be chosen and drain the wand's remaining mana.