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Cloud Spells
Acid Cloud
Blood Cloud
Oil Cloud
Rain Cloud
Static projectile spells that summon a cloud to rain down liquid below.

This spell conjures up an ethereal magical cloud at the point of casting. The cloud will start raining down water for the duration and then dissipate. It has 10 charges.


  • While limited in value due to the prevalence of water in the game, the cloud can be used to help extinguish large fires, neutralise toxic sludge, and block acid, fire and slime projectiles which will burst upon contact with the falling water. It can also be used as a quick cleaning shower to remove unwanted stains, such as poison.
  • It is frequently found in the mines level, and so is a perfect way to kill the fiery Stendari which can otherwise be tough to deal with so early in the game.
  • Since it's just water, it is usually harmless to use without trigger spells.

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