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Chasm between the Lava Lake and Snowy Depths

The little racecart that appears in the track

Along the left wall of the chasm between the Lava Lake and the Snowy Depths is a crack in the wall. This crack leads to a small racetrack area where you'll find a small racing cart, which automatically re-orients itself according to mouse movement while the player is holding a wand.


Levitating will cause the cart to mimic the levitation by accelerating forwards, in whichever direction it happens to be pointing.

The set of small dials in the lower portion of the track function as timers, and will track lap times, as well as keeping track of the best time achieved thus far. The three timers are, in order:

  • Segment Time
  • Lap Time
  • Best Time

The track can be raced either clockwise or counter clockwise, and the dials will keep track of the lap time.


  • The little race cart has no official name, but the community has affectionately dubbed it Karl.
  • The race cart is not confined to this area, and can be taken outside it with some careful navigating. It is impervious to everything in the world, colliding harmlessly with solid walls and surfaces, but has been known to break or bump Potions on occasion, so take care of him when bringing him out for adventures.
  • The cart can carry Kauhuhirviö and make it invincible. That may be helpful to move it from Friend Room to accomplish the diamond quest in The Tower.

The racetrack area fully revealed


FuryForged records his initial thoughts, and recounts the origin.

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