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A projectile modifier that splits the projectile into three in a tight, trifurcated pattern. The middle projectile will be created further into the front. If one of the projectiles hits its target, the other two will disappear.


  • Some modifiers have a different effect or no effect on the red and blue copies; for example, pathing modifiers will only affect the initial direction of the copies.
  • Projectile with triggers only release its payload if middle projectile hits ; red and blue copies only make all 3 copies disappear. The add trigger on expiration modifier still works; only original projectile releases payload if any of 3 hits.
  • While projectiles such as Bombs will create copies, only one explosion will occur. Summon Explosive Box spells appear to be exceptions, with all connected boxes exploding whenever one does. Modifiers that extend projectile lifetimes can also be combined with projectiles like Quantum Split Bombs; in this case, the two copies will often both explode rather than just the primary.
  • Can pair nicely with bounce modifiers, allowing split projectiles to impact surfaces without disappearing and potentially trigger additional bounce effects.
  • Pairs extremely well with projectiles that don't impact or expire to cause their effect, as it means this modifier can very cheaply triple the effect of a spell. For example, black holes, luminous drill or any plasma beam spell.
  • May pair well with projectile spells that produce multiple projectiles; a multi-projectile spell with Quantum Split will sometimes do more on-hit damage than the unmodified version, depending on which projectiles/copies hit in which order.
  • When multiple Quantum Split modifiers are applied to the same projectile, not all of the generated projectiles will disappear when the first one hits. More copies are preserved if the original projectile and blue copies hit before the red copies.
  • Pairs with some spells that require multiple projectiles, but Arc-type spells will not form arcs between the copies generated by this modifier.


Creating three copies of Glowing Lance