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Projectile Field Spells
Projectile Gravity Field
Projectile Thunder Field
Projectile Transmutation Field
Static projectile spells that conjure a field of magic that modifies all projectiles that pass through it.

A spell that creates a mystical field that turns all projectiles it comes into contact with it into animals.


  • A defensive spell that can be used to block off vectors of projectile attack, allowing you to either escape or move in closer. It is effective against rapid-fire enemies that can easily stunlock the player like the robottikyttä or KK-tankki.
  • Will render projectile shooting enemies harmless when they are caught within the field's radius.
  • The spell can be viewed as a variant of the Circle of Shielding, fulfilling much the same combat role. The differences being that this spell doesn't wear down from repeated attacks but also won't allow you to fire out from it.
    • Having the Personal Laser perk mitigates this, as the laser is unaffected by the spell, allowing you to attack close-range from the safety of the projectile field.
  • As the field only affects projectiles, it can be placed safely without triggers but some extra range with a timer never hurts.


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