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Projectile Energy Shield is a projectile modifier that attaches a small energy shield to the affected projectiles, which will deflect other projectiles that strike the shield.

Combat Tips[]

  • This modifier is most effective on spells that cast multiple projectiles, like Freezing Gaze or Triplicate Bolt, but will also be highly effective when applied with a multicast, or on a wand with 3 or more spells/cast.
  • It has limited offensive use due to the spell speed reduction effect it imparts, although combining it with other modifiers and certain spells can help work around some of its downsides.
  • The individual shields it creates are small, so a barrage of shots with a decent amount of spread will fare the best defensively. Combining this modifier with multicast cards like Formation - Hexagon or Formation - Trifurcated can easily cover a large area with shields.