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This spell will shoot a projectile with a fast initial speed that rapidly slows to a stop after traveling a short distance. It will then proceed to slowly float toward any enemies in homing range, creating a small explosion on contact. Enemy projectiles can collide with floating Pollen, allowing large clouds of Pollen to double as a shield against enemy fire. Floating Pollen will harm the player on contact.

There appears to be a bug where this spell's projectiles will spawn without a damaging hitbox, resulting in situations where the projectiles will appear stuck harmlessly on an enemy until they expire.

Modifiers which cause spells to harm the player, such as Bloodlust and Piercing Shot, have a detrimental effect which causes Pollen projectiles to collide with other Pollen projectiles and cancel each other out.


  • The spell's movement speed while homing is very slow, and will often fail to catch retreating enemies until they are well offscreen. This can be remedied with speed up and homing modifiers.
  • The unreliable hitbox on the spell means modifiers which attach additional damaging effects to a projectile, such as Damage Field and Fireball Orbit, can provide a greater benefit than modifiers which directly increase projectile damage. Damage Field in particular can deal a lot of damage if Pollen projectiles get stuck on an enemy.
  • Projectile Repulsion Field will render Pollen almost entirely harmless to the player