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At point of cast, will create a source that emits a beam of particles that rapidly damages any living beings and cuts through most materials. Compared to Plasma Beam, the beam has less range but has much more digging power; it can even slowly dig through Holy Mountain Brickwork and will cut through anything softer with ease.


  • The beam source has a lifetime of several seconds and with no modifiers, will not move. If not careful, you can walk or fall into the source, which will result in being rapidly hit by the plasma beam.
  • When a modifier such as homing is added, the source will redirect and move, which can also be dangerous to the caster.
  • It is not recommended to use this in combat, as, unlike Plasma Beam, the beam can destroy any gold dropped by enemies.
  • Critical Hits only apply to the initial projectile and origin of the beam, not its entire length.
  • Chaotic Transmutation disables scripts from spells, making this spells a safe piercing projectile.
  • Most enemies killed by this spell itself are instantly vaporized, leaving no trace of a corpse behind. Larger enemies, such as Jättimatos, powderize and turn into soil.

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