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Plasma Beam is a projectile-type spell in Noita.

The spell creates a small particle in the air which emits a continuous, highly damaging beam of light, which can burn through most solid matter and powders, evaporate liquids, and rapidly damage anything in its path, including you. The particle remains in the air for a few seconds, firing the beam until it dissipates. This is all but identical to the beams fired by the emitter cubes found in The Vault, the beam you emit with the Personal Plasma Beam perk, and the shorter-ranged beam created by the Paha Silma.


  • Plasma beam can dig through materials up to hardness 4
  • Due to the risk of self-damage, it is best to only cast Plasma Beam while standing still or moving away from the direction you aim it in, otherwise you may run headlong into your own beam. Long-Distance Cast can mitigate this danger. Projectile Repulsion Field will also repel the beam's origin point, giving you a bit more space to maneuver.
  • The beam can evaporate all liquids including magical ones, making it possible to remove otherwise dangerous or bothersome liquids like teleportatium, flummoxium, and especially polymorphine.
  • Stacking multiple Plasma Beams together will essentially create a single beam with their combined damage and digging power.
  • Critical Hits only apply to the initial projectile and origin of the beam, not its entire length.
  • Exercise extreme caution when applying any path-altering modifiers to Plasma Beam - these can both move the emitting particle around and make the beam change direction, which can have truly chaotic results.
  • A bug sometimes causes enemies killed with this spell not to count towards progress.
  • Chaotic Transmutation disables scripts from spells, making this spells a safe piercing projectile.
  • Most enemies killed by this spell itself are instantly vaporized, leaving no trace of a corpse behind. Larger enemies, such as Jättimatos, powderize and turn into soil.

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