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A Spell that fires a thin white laser, leaving a small white speck at the point of impact which explodes after a short while. A weaker version of this spell is used as the retaliation attack of Hohtava hyypiö.

The laser beam will pierce through enemies, deal damage per tick, and is friendly-fire enabled, just like the one modified by Piercing Shot. Its behavior when modified by Add Trigger needs further tests.


  • Like Piercing Shot, it works well with Homing. This is because of the particle tracks enemies, dealing projectile damage constantly and explodes on their location when the lifetime expires. Explosion protection recommend though.
  • Works well with Heavy Shot. Because of the high speed of the beam, Heavy Shot slows it down moderately, allowing it deal damage for longer times.
  • Somehow, Explosive Projectile greatly increase the explosion damage and radius.


Using the spell on a Hound