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Pheromone is a bright red sparkling liquid that stains creatures with the charm curse, making them switch allegiance to the side of the player. It will stain the player and cause the same particle effects as on enemies, but is otherwise harmless. It can be found in flasks just as many other Magical Liquids, but it can also can be created by mixing Flummoxium and Berserkium.


  • It's hard, but not impossible, to spray enough Pheromone on a flying creature in order to trigger the charm. If the creature lands then a pool on the ground is significantly easier to use.
  • A popular use is to turn Parantajahiisi in the Hiisi Base to your side, making them follow and heal you.
  • Dropping a wand in a pool of pheromone will cause it to behave like a friendly Taikasauva, moving and shooting enemies on its own. More on this, below.


Pheromone that is covering wands has a natural propensity to form Taikasauva which are naturally friendly to the player. This effect can only be observed if a pool of pheromone is covering the hitbox of 1 or more wands, so it needs to be around 5-10 pixels in depth.

These creatures are largely unnoticeable, but will quickly pick up dropped wands and attack any nearby enemies. They have a tendency to wander off, unlike most charmed enemies, and seem to be untouched by Pheromone's usual stain. While not holding a wand, they have an innate short-range projectile, a pink attack orb that is the same as the Verikristalli's.

These ghosts will naturally despawn after 60 seconds (if they're in a loaded area), and any wand they are holding will disappear along with them. This can be a good way to clean up unwanted wands, or can result in losing a valuable wand.

Like other Taikasauva, these creatures will drop 10 Gold nugget.png when killed (20 Gold nugget.png if the death was an accident), and as such pools of pheromone can be exploited to gain some quick gold if there is an Emerald Tablet, Runestone, or other physics object available to quickly dispatch the ghosts. Throwing tablets or other physics objects across the top of a pool of Pheromone'd wands will generally net a decent yield of gold, seemingly from thin air. See a video demo by Letaali.

The perk Enemy Radar will make these ghosts more detectable.

Pheromone ghosts from wands.gif
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What charm actually seems to do is set a creature to belong to the "player faction", overriding any previous allegiance. As mentioned, this does nothing when staining the player, but there is an exception to this rule. A fringe case where if you have the Plague Rats perk and then get stained with Pheromone your own rats will actually attack you. This is because when you take that perk your faction is set to the rats, and the pheromone overrides it.

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