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Personal Debuff Spells
Personal Fireball Thrower
Personal Gravity Field
Personal Lightning Caster
Personal Tentacler
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to afflict targets with a long-lasting debuff.

A spell modifier that causes its projectile to "infect" a creature with the Personal Fireball Thrower effect, making it expel fireballs in random directions until it dies. If the projectile can strike the player, either by enemy wand use or friendly-fire projectiles, it will affect you as well.

The effect on enemies can be stopped by polymorphing (The effect will stop while the player is polymorphed, and start again when they return to their usual form.).

The target dummies in the Holy Mountain can have this effect applied to them, but it will wear off after several minutes.


  • If you are struck with this effect and do not have the explosion immunity Perk, it's pretty much game over. The constant explosions will kill you, sooner rather than later.
  • This effect can attach itself to pickups like the Max health upgrade hearts, or HP/spell restores inside the Holy Mountain. Also sometimes to explosive crates. It will disappear when the items are picked up or crates destroyed.
  • Useful vs robots, as they're vulnerable to explosive damage. Also can be used to good effect on Worms, which have lots of HP and travel in tight passages ensuring maximum number of explosion hits.
  • Immunity to explosions Perk is recommended.