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The Statue (in-game name Patsas) is an enemy that appears mainly in the Ancient Laboratory, and sometimes in The Tower. It is initially generated as a static trap, which is triggered on proximity to the player. When the player wanders too close by, the trap will trigger, activating the statue. Trapped statues can be hard to distinguish from the actually static decorative statues.


Trapped Statues[]

Trap statues can only have a single pose, facing left or right.

Prop statue trap left.png
Prop statue trap right.png

Decorative Statues[]

Decorative statues can also face left or right, and will have one of the following poses (note that one of these poses is identical to the trapped version).

Prop statue rock 01.png
Prop statue rock 02.png
Prop statue rock 03.png
Prop statue rock 04.png
Prop statue rock 05.png
Prop statue rock 06.png


Trapped Statues appear in the Ancient Laboratory alongside similar statues that are more decorative and cannot chase after the player. These can be distinguished in a few ways:

  • Trapped statues only have one pose (see above), although this pose is shared by some of the decorative statues.
  • Trapped statues do not show a material tooltip; decorative statues will indicate they are composed of Rock.
  • Decorative statues can be damaged and destroyed with explosions or digging spells, but trapped statues are unfazed.

When the player approaches a trapped statue, it will come to life and pursue them, attempting to kick them repeatedly. Living Statues are immune to all damage, with the only exceptions being Melee and physics damage.

Combat Tips[]

  • There is a way to easily turn this enemy into an ally without Pheromone. If the player is stained in Berserkium or has the respective effect, the statue will not target them and ignore them, going after any other nearby enemy instead. Because other enemy's projectiles can't hurt the statue, it's very useful for underprepared players to clear out the area for them without the danger of being attacked, as Berserkium pools are commonly found in the Ancient Laboratory.
    • The statue will still however kick the player if they get close enough.
  • Generally it is better to avoid triggering the trapped statues as much as possible. If one awakens it can usually be outrun fairly easily, since they move slightly slower than the player.
  • They can be fought off simply with kicking attacks, although timing a kick to hit them can be tricky as they will often land a hit which stuns the player for a brief moment. The Never Skip Leg Day perk is highly recommended for this method.
  • The only ways to damage them are melee attacks, physics hits, spells that deal Drill damage (currently this is only used by Digging Bolt and Digging Blast), and curse damage (Venomous Curse).
  • Despite not taking any freeze damage, Statues can be dispatched quite effectively with a freeze-melee combo, such as the Freeze Charge modifier combined with Tentacle or Summon Friendly Fly (or any Summon spells that spawn a minion which can inflict melee damage).
  • Since they are vulnerable to physics damage, a combination of Summon Rock and Burst of Air is very effective in dispatching them at range, you can also try launching a Propane Tank at them from a distance which deal a considerable amount of damage if it hits. A direct hit with a thrown Emerald Tablet is also an effective and relatively safe way of killing them.