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The Master of Returning (in-game name Palauttajamestari) is one of the many Master spellcasters. It takes the appearance of a blue humanoid with a circular mirror-like head and is dressed in a blue robe.


Initially, the Master of Returning will cast weak Firebomb spells. Once it is damaged by a spell, or a spell is cast close to it, it will copy that spell and cast it instead. Depending on the spell, this Master can be completely harmless or incredibly dangerous. The Master's casts ignore the Cast Delay and Recharge Delay of the spells it copies and will always cast at regular intervals. Almost any spell can be copied, including the spells of nearby enemies like Spiraalikalma and Kiukkukalma.

Combat Tips[]

  • As with all Masters, exercise caution and focus on avoiding the projectiles. This is easily done by constantly moving perpendicular to the enemy's aiming trajectory (which usually means levitating up or falling down) and staying at a medium distance.
  • The player can take advantage of the copying in some situations:
    • Spells with low range, like Luminous Drill and Chainsaw, can limit its effective range. However, the spell must be cast near the Master, which can be risky.
    • Healing Bolt can be copied and will heal the player. As the Master is not limited by use limits, it can act as a source of limitless healing.
    • Harmless spells, like Blood Mist and Teleport Bolt, can neutralize the Master until it copies another spell.