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The Memory of Evil (in-game name Pahan muisto, lit. Memory of an evil thing), also known as the Heart Mimic is a rare mimic enemy, that uses its resemblance to a Extra Max Health pickup to lure in players and bite them, dealing 30–40 damage.

There is a 0.11% chance of finding them in a Treasure Chests.


Pahan muisto.gif

One of these things is not like the others...


  • In the seed 1975526357 there is an electricity puzzle in the mines, under the entrance, which spawns a chest with the heart mimic in it.
  • In the seed 1261159058 there is a heart mimic somewhere (unconfirmed)
  • In the seed 1957764281 there is a heart mimic in a chest right in front of the starting point
  • In the seed 848863409 there is a heart mimic in a pacifist award in a first Holy mountain
  • In the seed 597216865 half the way down on the right side of the mines there is a heart mimic in a chest
  • In the seed 1455981265 there is a heart mimic in a chest (first or second floor inside coal)