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Disc Spells
Disc Projectile
Giga Disc Projectile
Summon Omega Sawblade
Projectile spells that summon deadly sawblades.

The Omega Disc Projectile is unlike the other disk projectile spells. Omega Disk Projectile summons a persistent sawblade that exists for ~8 seconds, rapidly dealing damage to enemies it is in contact with and destroying all(?)(destroys Holy Mountain brickwork and Cursed Rock, need to test any other ultra-hard materials) terrain it passes through, similar to a Black Hole. When cast, it is projected a very short distance, will immediately home in on the caster, and will continue to home until the projectile expires. It will also home in on the caster if cast from a Trigger spell. Unaware players will certainly kill themselves the first time this spell is cast.

The disk travels more slowly than the Giga Disk Projectile and therefore the Projectile Repulsion perk is enough to stop the self-homing effect of this spell, as long as the player is stationary. It will suspend at a safe but uncomfortably close distance, but moving toward or away from it can get close enough to damage the player.

This spell is extremely potent in combination with the Homing perk and/or modifier because the disk inherently has both Piercing Shot and Drilling Shot as well as an extremely long lifetime. It will continue dealing damage to an enemy until their death, and when they die it will drill through any obstacles to reach the next target. However, if there are no enemies within range, it will resume homing on the player.

Like the Chainsaw and normal Disc Projectile, it will cause creatures hit with it to bleed more.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • This spell is extremely hazardous and difficult to use. Consider it suicidal unless you have some combination of Homing, Projectile Repulsion, Trigger spells, duration reduction, and/or path-forcing modifiers.
    • Pingpong Path, Fly Upwards, and Fly Downwards have no effect on the disk's path.
    • Orbiting Arc and Spiral Arc completely nullify and replace the disk's self-homing effect. Gravity and Anti-Gravity overpower the self-homing effect and cause the disk to come to rest at a safe distance above/below you (this is also ideal for upwards/downwards mining). Horizontal Path works exactly as you would expect.
    • Modifiers that statically affect its speed (Speed Up, Heavy Shot, Light Shot) will only affect the launching speed; they have no significant effect on its speed while homing on you at close range. Decelerating Shot will cause the blade to greatly slow down, making it easier to evade, but not stop it completely. Accelerating Shot will cause the disk to bounce around erratically as it tries and fails to home in on you.
  • While the blade is moving very fast, it will occasionally rebound from a surface instead of drilling through it.

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