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Noita Together is a mod by Soler91 that enables you to play Noita "with" other people.

From the developer's site:

Noita Together is an attempt to bring a slight multiplayer aspect to the game, think of it more like everyone is in different dimensions yet you can still see other players and somewhat interact with each other you can not directly affect other player's worlds
it consists of an app made with electron for the twitch authentication and making/joining rooms and some other things and a lua mod that communicates with the app in-game mod uses pollws made by probable-basilisk (fakepyry / pyry)

Download and features[]

Installation is very simple, and can be done in ~30 seconds.

You can read instructions and download it at:

A walkthrough video by FuryForged shows exactly how to install, and some of the core features:

How to play Noita Together - FuryForged

Important FAQs[]


As of November 2021, a major new version is in development, by Soler91 and Tom_is_unlucky.

Finding players[]

There is a dedicated Noita Together Discord server:


Some Twitch streamers will occasionally host open sessions, and it had been featured in some of the "Noita Summit" (roughly) monthly community-organized events on Nolla Games' own Twitch account. See for example the 1 year anniversary Summit announcement.

Single player bank[]

Noita Together Player bank is a single-player mod in the Steam Workshop, that enables using the "Bank" feature.