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For a more challenging experience.
Unlock this mode by beating the game.

Nightmare mode is an extra difficulty that is unlocked upon completing the game. It is designed as a built-in mod to the vanilla game in which enemies deal double damage, are more aggressive, and some biome changes apply.

Notable changes[]

Some of the notable changes are:

  • The player starts the game with 3 random early game wands, three random perks, and the Tinker with Wands Everywhere perk. These perks do not disappear when one of the perks is selected.
  • The player takes extra damage:
    • 3x damage from melee and poison
    • 2x damage from projectiles, explosions, electricity, fire, drill, slice, toxic and ice
  • The list of materials for 'magical' potion spawns has been modified:
  • Enemies have more HP and attack faster, by an increasing amount per biome. See the table below for exact values. Kolmisilmä is not affected by this buff.
  • Enemies will drop only 1/4 of the gold that they would normally drop for the amount of maximum HP they have.
  • Enemies have a 1 in 15 chance to spawn with a perk.
  • The map layout is different and often randomized. For instance, the first biome is always the Coal Pits, bordered by the Collapsed Mine and sometimes the Sandcave or the Mine. Additionally, the Hiisi Base and Snowy Depths are combined on either the second depth or the third depth (random). There are many random pools of water and even cursed rock in deep areas underground. (See Biomes#Current Maps)
  • Terrain in the Coal Pits is covered with diamonds.
  • Orbs of Knowledge will be replaced with their corrupt variants but if the player is able to pick only the orbs up they will turn into regular health increases.
  • The Invisibility perk is removed.

Enemy scaling[]

Biome HP multiplier Attack speed multiplier
Mines/Collapsed Mines 3x 2x
Coal Pits/Snowy Depths 2x 2x
Hiisi Base 3.5x 2x
Fungal Caverns 7x 2x
Pyramid 7x 2.5x

(Not spawn anywhere)

7.5x 2x
Underground Jungle 9x 2x
Sandcave 10x 2.5x
The Vault 12.5x 2x
Desert/Cloudscape 15x 2x

(Not spawn anywhere)

15x 2x
Temple of the Art 15x 3.33x
Magical Temple 16x 2x
Frozen Vault 16x 4x
The Work (Hell)/The Work (Sky) 50x 10x

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