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An entity widely known as "Deer", normally found in the Lake. It will run away upon being attacked.


  • There was a petition which was accepted by Nolla Games to rename the "Deer Decoy" spell to "Deercoy". More information is showcased in This Tweet by Nolla Games.
  • In older versions of the game, the deers used to emit Urine when it ran away, a material that is now rare.

A quote from the Nolla games AMA by Gummikana (developer), Sep 21 2019:

"My favorite bug was the deers drowning in their own piss :)

So back in the day we put some animals and had them roam around in the world. And also they had to urinate from time to time. Because the game is 2D, the urine would fall into these ditches. And what ended up happening is that deers would also hang around in the ditches urinating themselves. Eventually there would be so much urine that deers would drown in it. And the landscape was littered with these ditches full of urine and dead deers. Good times."

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