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Necromancy is a projectile modifier that causes the corpses of enemies it killed to rise as corpses to assist the player. These undead minions will follow the player if they are nearby and can serve as meat shields and distractions against enemies. If the player moves too far away, it will instead idly float around. Resurrected corpses will have a purple glow.


  • Resurrected enemies are still targeted by both the Homing perk and modifier. Additionally, they will take damage from the players' attacks and can block spell projectiles.
  • Resurrected enemies have boosted health.
  • Enemies that release novas or substances upon death, such as the Ice Skull and its Freezing Vapours, will drop an additional instance of their nova or substance when killed again.
  • After being resurrected, enemies cannot be resurrected again when killed again by a spell with Necromancy.
  • Resurrected enemies can pick up wands and will attack enemies. They will also attack player with picked up wands after damage is dealt to them.
  • Enemies do not need to be killed by the Necromancy projectile to be resurrected. Damaging an enemy with the spell and quickly killing it with another wand will still create a minion.
  • If an enemy is cut in half on death, such as with a Glowing Lance, the largest part will be reanimated.
  • Perks and spells that modify corpses, such as Freeze Charge solidifying them into Rigid Body and the Exploding Corpses perk, will not trigger.
  • Parantajahiisi will heal resurrected Hiisi corpses (need to check for other corpses), which can be used to heal yourself rather safely.


Corpses resurrected by necromancy

Ressurected corpse using a dangerous wand