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The Master of Polymorphing (in-game name Muodonmuutosmestari) is one of the many Master spellcasters. It takes the appearance of a single-eyed pink humanoid with a tendrilled head and is dressed in a pink robe.


The Master of Polymorphing casts balls of polymorphing magic with weak homing that will transform the target into a Lammas, Lentolammas, or Suhiseva lammas, much like the effect from touching Polymorphine.

Combat Tips[]

  • As with all Masters, exercise caution and focus on avoiding the projectiles. This is easily done by constantly moving perpendicular to the enemy's aiming trajectory (which usually means levitating up or falling down) and staying at a medium distance.
  • It doesn't move very fast, so the player should be able to choose when to fight it.
  • As its attacks can turn you into a harmless entity that can be killed in one hit, this may actually be one of the most dangerous enemies in the game for a high-leveled player.
  • Approach corners and open areas carefully, as they can possibly attack from offscreen, especially from above or below.
  • Eating their corpses provides Polymorph Immunity, which can save your life if you're facing multiple enemies with polymorph abilities.


  • It may be a reference to the Eggplant Wizards from the Kid Icarus series as they are both purple enemies that transform the player into a vulnerable form.