Perk genome more love.png

More Love is a passive Perk that reduces enemy aggression and infighting, such as making most enemies passive to Rats. Useful for reducing unfavorable situations that result from infighting, such as flasks getting broken, nukes being fired, etc.


Improves the relations stats of enemies by 25 with each stack. If the relation of an enemy is higher than their aggression, then that enemy will be neutral towards the player. An enemy's base aggression is determined when it is spawned, within a range set for that enemy type. As an example, Raukka have a very low aggression range, so only a single stack of More Love is needed to pacify all of them.

At 4 stacks of More Love, almost every enemies will become neutral, or even friendly towards the player. Friendly healers and other support enemies, such as Parantajahiisi, will actively help the player by applying their respective buffs or healing effects.

The effect also applies to minions like the Homunculus(which has an aggression of 95 to 100), making them neutral after 4 stacks. This means that they will be fairly useless in boss fights at max relation, since they will not actively attack the boss.

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