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This is a list of known "special" tags, which have in-engine custom functionality attached to them. Usually most tags are simply for entity/component categorization.

For the basics of tag system, see here.

Entity tags[]

  • ui_use_raw_name
    • Prevents the game from trying to look up a translation string for the entity name and shows the name as is
  • fish_attractor
    • Attracts any entities with AdvancedFishAIComponent
  • firemage
    • Affects the behaviour of AnimalAIComponent
    • Makes Brimstone neutral in player's hands
  • thundermage
    • Affects the behaviour of AnimalAIComponent
    • Makes Thunder stone neutral in player's hands
  • gold_nugget
    • Entity is attracted by TelekinesisComponent
    • Also attracted by the Attract Items perk (on Lua side, data/scripts/perks/attract_items.lua)
  • player_unit
    • IsPlayer() returns true for this Entity
    • Gets more stains than other entities
    • "...and much more". You can assume this to have a lot of random stuff tied to it.
  • polymorphable_NOT
    • Makes the entity not polymorphable duh
  • teleportable_NOT
    • Supposedly makes the entity not teleportable, but apparently the in-engine code is too messy to know right away.
  • wand
    • Forces the Entity's name to "$item_wand" (a translation string)
  • workshop
    • If an entity with this tag also has a HitboxComponent, allows wand editing in the area defined in said component.
  • workshop_untouched
    • When used together with the workshop tag, will force open the players inventory if no wands have been edited and the player walks into the hitbox.

Component _tags[]

  • enabled_in_hand, enabled_in_world, enabled_in_inventory
    • These toggle the enabled / disabled status of the Component. Requires an ItemComponent somewhere in the Entity to work.
    • Super handy for eg. defining different sprites as Wand's inventory icon, world model, etc.
  • shop_cost
    • Components with this tag are removed from the entity, when the entity is picked up
  • fire
    • Used by TorchComponent, will toggle all components with this tag enabled/disabled depending on the lit status.