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A Spell that conjures a cloud of mist at the casting location, staining the location and creatures within it with the associated material. The mist is static in this position until it expires, unless modified.

Mists do not actually create any material or liquid.


  • Since mists are static projectiles, it is generally more useful to cast it at a distance using a trigger or timer spell, such as Spark Bolt.
  • Damage modifiers, like Damage Plus, will cause the mist to damage enemies within it. Combined with a homing spell like Homing, the mist can effectively seek out enemies through terrain and damage them.
  • Synergizes well with certain material-triggered spells, such as Critical On Bloody Enemies, Explosion On Drunk Enemies, Explosion On Slimy Enemies, and Charm On Toxic Sludge.
  • You can catch mist in a bottle, but drinking blood mist does not heal you with the Vampirism perk.
  • Without the [[Perks#Iron_Stomach|Iron Stomach] perk, drinking slime mist will quickly cause food poisoning. Thus slime mist synergizes well with Spontaneous Generation perk as a way to generate vomit, although at the risk of long-lasting food poisoning.
  • While without the Eat Your Vegetables perk (or other potentially interfering perks), drinking slime mist or blood mist (or, to a much lesser extent, whiskey fumes) will increase satiation, these do not work as sources of satiation after taking the perk.