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The "Knower to be"

Minä, "Noita" or the "Knower to be"[1] is the playable character in the game. They are a sorcerer who has come to the mountain with a specific motive in mind, varying with each noita.

Loadout[edit | edit source]

Each noita possesses two unique wands and a potion.

  • The first wand will contain 1-3 small damaging projectiles spells. Possible selections include Spark Bolt, Energy Sphere, Bouncing Burst and Spitter Bolt.
  • The second wand contains an explosive spell. Possible choices here are TNT, Bomb, Magic Missile, Unstable Crystal and Firebolt.
  • The potion will be filled with a random liquid or powder.
  • The stats of both wands will also be slightly randomized, but never to the point where the spells they contain cannot be cast. They'll always have the same amount of slots though (3 and 1 respectively), and the second wand will always have a fairly low rate of mana regen.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A noita is usually cloaked in a purple garment down to their feet, a hood hiding any facial features. They wear a gold sash around their lower torso and a cape around their neck. Only mods or achievements will change this appearance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Noita" is the Finnish word for "witch", and "Minä" is Finnish for "I" or "me".
  • The term 'Minä' referring to the player's avatar can be seen when they die to their own slicing weapon. The statistics tab then reads: "cause of death: Minä's slice".
  • Prior to version 1.0 the two wands were always the same when selecting "new game" in the main menu and randomized on the "daily run". After exiting early access, however, loadouts are now always randomized regardless of the two game modes. The static loadout was 2 Spark Bolts and 1 Bomb.
  • Because of this, the second of the two starter wands is commonly called the "bomb wand" in the noita community.

Reference[edit | edit source]

  1. Glyph no. 4: "This is very clever of you. Very clever. We're impressed with you, Knower to be."
    Glyph no. 6: "We know what you are after. But it is not here, Knower to be."