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A screenshot of the achievement pillar's buried eye segment.
Top: The Meditation Cube. Bottom: The segment of the achievement pillar which is dedicated to meditating near the Meditation Cube.

The Meditation Chamber is a location that can be reached after finding a rare black box, referred to as the Meditation Cube, found in the Coal Pits.

The Meditation Cube is black with a gold inscription on the face, making it very noticeable. Translated, the runic inscription reads Meditate. It is rendered in as a pixel scene composed of Brickwork and cannot be moved, though it can be destroyed.

Activating the portal is an achievement displayed as a segment on the Achievement Pillars.

Activating the Portal[]

If the player stands still near the Meditation box for around 10 seconds, a portal appears above the box. Inside the chamber there is a single wand, and a return portal that takes the player back to the entry point. If the player enters the chamber via digging and has not used the entry portal, the return portal will instead take the player back to the entry point into the Coal Pits.

On the first entry to the chamber, you can tinker with your wands as long as you remain inside. This effect seems to be disabled upon leaving the chamber for the first time, and doesn't take effect at all if you dig into the chamber from somewhere else.

If you dig out of the chamber, you can edit anywhere for 10 minutes.


Activating the Portal

Entering the Meditation Chamber


  • Although Noita is a 2D game, the colloquial naming of the Meditation Cube is related to elaborate design of the Meditation Chamber which the portal leads to. The background of the chamber mirrors the inscription seen on the face of the cube, suggesting the player is now inside the 3D space of the cube.
  • Within the cube, a small pool of blood is present. If this pool is removed, for example via drinking, the return portal will be deactivated.
  • The in-game location of the Cube's interior is above the Snowy Depths Magical Temple's Orb Room, at around the same height as the Coal Pits.
  • In Parallel Worlds, activating a Meditation Cube portal will create a helpful shortcut to/from the Main world, because the Chamber's exit-portal will always lead to the most recently used entrance-portal.