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Terrain Interaction Spells
Avoiding Arc
Drilling Shot
Explosive Projectile
Floating Arc
Matter Eater
Spell modifiers that change how projectiles interact with solid terrain.

A charge-limited projectile modifier spell that causes affected projectiles to destroy material in a small radius around it during travel. It has more difficulty destroying harder materials, especially cursed rock.


  • If the projectile is very long-lasting, such as that of Dormant Crystal, it will continue eating its way through the world wherever it goes.
  • Seem to set lifetime of projectile to 120 frames or so no matter how long or short it was originally(more testing needed).
  • Works very well with spells that follow you such as Summon Friendly Fly
  • Works better the slower the spell moves, synergizes well with Energy Orb
  • A wand with this spell as Always Casts is an incredibly powerful digging tool since any spells it casts (directly) will always cut through steel, brickwork, and even extremely dense rock. It will however struggle severely with cursed rock, making such a wand insufficient for digging through such walls.
  • Beware of angering the gods when using this, as the brickwork in the Holy Mountain, while resilient, is not immune to this spell.
  • Does not work with Summon Explosive Box , Bomb or Summon Rock projectiles; the projectile immediately destorys.
  • Combining this with Long-Distance Cast or a spell with Add Trigger spells alone will give the effect without using any charges. E.g. A wand with just Matter Eater and Long-Distance Cast on it, will not deplete the remaining charges from the Matter Eater. However, if there are any other projectiles on the wand that are cast, this effect will not work.
  • Does not use charges when all projectiles are cast by Divide By spells.
  • Does not use charges when used with Note spells.
  • It can be the "Always Cast" on naturally generated wand with extremely rare probability.


Effect of the spell