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Matosade is a spell that designates a point in space (melee range, if unmodified) to be the target of a rain of 9 Jättimato (giant worms)

Upon casting the spell, a circle with a diameter of 512 pixels is cleared of all solids, and worms will begin appearing in the upper third of the circle.

Unlike normal Jättimato, they can't drop extra max health upgrades when killed.


  • Unless you are immune to melee attacks, you should cast this spell at range with a trigger, or be ready to run away.
  • Be aware of nearby dangers as the circle will explode any solid-based explosive.
  • You can cast this spell then spray something with worm pheromone to have the worms swarm and attack whatever is stained with the effect. However it should be noted that most lategame enemies are immune to the effect and cannot be stained with worm pheromone.
  • As the spell clears a lot of terrain it is essential you pick a good place to cast the spell.
  • Without the Worm Attractor perk or worm pheromone it's quite easy to miss a few of the worms that fall.
  • This is a very good source of worm blood.
  • The large circle cleared by this is capable of destroying any terrain. 10 casts of the spell is enough to get you from outside of the wall separating parallel worlds to past the cursed rock; acting as a budget black hole, as black hole does not become unlimited with the unlimited spells perk. The 90 worms this creates is a new problem, however. And you'll need lots of reduce recharge time modifiers in order to make this viable.


  • Matosade is finnish for "Worm Rain"
  • "Alea iacta est" is Latin for "the die has been cast," most famously said by Julius Caesar as he and his army crossed the Rubicon river in 49 BCE.
  • The spell's icon shows small worms (Pikkumato) but the spell actually only creates Jättimato
  • Prior to the Sauna update this spell was capable of giving the player endless max health upgrades.

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