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Worms are a special type of enemy in the game, and the titular "Worm" (in-game name Mato) is the most common one of its kind. Worms comes in many shapes and sizes, the most common trait is that they burrow through the ground leaving tunnels behind (although there are some who simply phase through matter instead).

A Mato may spawn by breaking the wiggling eggs on branches of the Giant Tree and, like most other blue worms, may spawn naturally anywhere in the mountain. They may also spawn from damaging cocoons in the Underground Jungle.

Behavior & Combat[]

The regular Worm is aggressive to anything that isn't a worm, seemingly unable to discriminate between you and other creatures of the mountain (although it seems to prefer you over anything else). They have only a melee bite attack, and attack by burrowing in circular patterns and launching itself at you at high speeds.

Keeping yourself above the ground is the best way to avoid the worms attack, and most spells work well in taking one down. Spells with slicing damage, such as Chainsaw or Disc Projectile, are very effective and also serve to produce much more valuable Worm Blood.

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