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The Mimic (in-game name Matkija) is a rare enemy that looks exactly like a normal chest. It cannot move and it will not attack you until you are touching it.

The Leggy Mimic (in-game name Jalkamatkatavara) is a rare variant which will grow limbs when awakened and use them to attack the player. It will drop the Leggy Mutation perk when killed.


There are several ways to distinguish between a chest and a mimic:

  • If there is no 'Treasure chest' tooltip displayed when hovering over a chest with the mouse, then it is a mimic.
  • If you attack it and it displays a damage value, it is a mimic.
    • It's generally safer to just shoot chests open since there's no known penalty compared to opening one by interacting with it. One possible risk, however, is that Treasure Chests may drop flasks, which may accidentally become shattered or broken in the process, especially with wands that shoot projectiles rapidly.
  • If it is floating in water, it is a mimic.
  • If it is not perfectly level, it is not a mimic.
  • If a stain indicator appears on top of the chest, then it is a mimic.

Note: None of the above strategies will help you identify a Leggy Mimic. Their disguises are significantly more sophisticated, and they will not awaken until you approach them and press the interact key to "open" the chest. Once you do, they will sprout legs and try to attack.


  • A mimic stained with Pheromone will drop gold nuggets of varying size and rarely Potions, while slowly losing health.
    • By putting a friendly mimic in a pool of Ambrosia, you can take advantage of this mechanic to get infinite gold and potions (albeit very slowly).


A mimic with legs

A mimic with legs