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The Super Necrobot (in-game name Marraskone) is a robotic enemy, mainly found in the Frozen Vault and The Tower, although they become more widespread in New Game Plus.


Upon seeing the player, Super Necrobots will fire an accelerating skull-shaped projectile in the player's direction, inflicting moderate damage. Much like the Assassin Robot, it comes equipped with a forward-facing shield, and like other robotic enemies in general, it bleeds Oil and can withstand quite a few hits before being downed due to its high defenses.


When an enemy is killed in the presence of a Super Necrobot, a red skull icon will appear in the exact position where the enemy was killed, and after approximately four seconds, that enemy will respawn as a Tiny Minion (in-game name Pienkätyri). This can very quickly complicate combat; Tiny Minions have 400 ♥ apiece, meaning they can take a lot of abuse from less powerful spells, and their unpredictable movement and rapid-fire form of attack makes a whole group of minions a legitimate force to be reckoned with. Tiny Minions attack with fast-firing, short-ranged purple projectiles that can deal over 100 damage in a few seconds if they hit. They are very similar in behaviour and attack capability to the minions spawned by Kolmisilmä, and can be respawned an indefinite amount of times, making prolonged fights with them a futile prospect until nearby Necrobots are destroyed. On top of this, Super Necrobots have surprisingly long ranges for summoning Tiny Minions, capable of summoning them from off-screen and through materials.

With all of this combined, these robots should always be a very high-priority target.

Tiny Minions appear to be capable of digging through terrain with their bodies, similar to the Lukki. Additionally, other robots in the Power Plant are actually hostile to the Tiny Minions. Because most Power Plant robots are immune to Projectiles, Tiny Minions cannot damage them, leading to one-sided fights. Sometimes, letting Super Necrobots summon the minions can be beneficial, as the minion may then fight with nearby robots.