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Damage Modifier Spells
Damage Plus
Heavy Shot
Light Shot
Mana To Damage
Random Damage
Spell modifiers that adjust the damage of the affected projectiles.

A Spell modifier that deducts remaining mana and adds it to the damage of the projectile, at a ratio of 1 mana being 0.625 projectile damage.


  • Although it can increase the damage of a projectile far more than comparable spells such as Damage Plus and Heavy Shot, it drains mana much more quickly and is a limited use spell, making it ill-suited for rapid-fire wands.
  • Mu has a special interaction with this spell; it will prevent the spell from taking mana away from the wand.
    • Other copying spells, such as Alpha and Gamma, do not share this characteristic, although using them to bypass the limited usage may be valuable.
    • With Mu and Wand Refresh will easily prevent using any charges.
  • The most important properties for a wand with this spell are projectile count, projectile speed/accuracy, and of course mana capacity/regen. Projectile damage and firing speed are far less important. The humble Spark Bolt synergises very well with this early or even well into in a run, as the speed and accuracy of Spark Bolt is exceptional and you can likely make a multishot spark bolt wand.
  • Combining this with Long-Distance Cast or a spell with Add Expiration Trigger alone will give the effect without using any charges.