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This article is about the material bled from ghostly enemies. For Magical Liquids in general, see the Magical Liquids page.

Magical Liquid is a liquid Material that only ghostly enemies bleed.

Enemies that bleed Magical Liquid include:

It quickly evaporates, but can be bottled with some persistence. Magical Liquid is lighter than water but denser than Oil and can be stored without evaporating under a layer of oil or other low-density liquids. Additionally, it combusts on contact with any solid.


  • The material that fills your vial with Magical Liquid is called plasma_fading in the game files. There is also plasma_fading_bright that produces magical liquid but this seems to be unused.
  • A few pixels of Magical Liquid are created every time a Jättilaser-lennokki fires, however since the liquid quickly evaporates, and the Jättilaser-lennokki creates blue particle effects when it fires, it is only noticable when it fires while it is submerged in water or other liquids, where the liquid is unable to evaporate.
  • A few pixels of Magical liquid is created when blue lanterns like those found in the Holy Mountain are broken. It can be easily bottled by standing underneath a lantern and breaking it, before quickly switching to an empty potion.