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A spell that summons rotating glowing lights around you, similar to the spell Spiral Shot. These will damage enemies and knock away projectiles, both outgoing and incoming, for the duration.

The lights of the big version orbit much further away from you and deal more damage compared to the normal one. For both versions, each light can hit at most once per 20 frames.


  • Spamming a few instances of this spell makes for surprisingly effective defense against most enemies. Even bosses.
  • As the rotating lights will disrupt outgoing projectiles as well, faster moving shots have a better chance to miss them and stay on track. The same goes for your enemies.
  • Kills with this attack count as accidental for perks like Trick Blood Money.


  • The lights will disrupt and slosh around liquids too, but won't delete them.
  • You can cast this on enemies as well, if they are close enough and you click on them. These lights will still not be hostile to you, though. Possibly a bug.
  • Despite being listed as a projectile, neither of the magic guard spells can be used to fuel Spells To Power.