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The Swampling (in-game name Märkiäinen or the Shaman in the game's files) is a rare enemy encountered in the Mines, Collapsed Mines, and Underground Jungle. It casts Cursed Spheres that quickly accelerate towards the player and bounce off of walls, dealing 15 damage as well as summoning the Rain Cloud or Thundercloud spell on contact.

This enemy is immune to fire.

Combat Tips[]

  • This enemy, while rare, can be dangerous to newer or less experienced players, much like the Stendari
  • Unlike the Stendari, it is fairly slow and not an aggressive chaser, so players should find it easier to choose when to fight it and take cover when it attacks.


  • Its name is the Finnish word "märkä" (wet) with the suffix -inen, possibly related to menninkäinen, a Finnish type of leprechaun. The suffix can possibly be translated as "-ling" in English, like with the Finnish word for halfling, "puolituinen". The name also sounds similar to "mäkäräinen", which refers to insects living in wet areas.
  • It appears to occasionally eat corpses, similar to Hämis
  • The water that comes from from its rain cloud spell is called water_fading in the code, and doesn't interact with Concentrated Mana. Further testing required to discover more differences.
  • It will spawn more frequently with the "Flooded" biome modifier.