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Long-Distance Cast (LDC) is a spell modifier which casts the next spell a short distance from the point of casting, ignoring terrain.

Long-Distance Cast is in fact an invisible projectile with a Timer, especially similar to Luminous Drill With Timer, and its trajectory can be affected by effects such as the Projectile Repulsion Shield perk.


  • Synergizes well with dangerous static projectiles, like Explosion and most of its variants.
  • Like other Timer spells, it will ignore the usual cast delay modifiers of the spells it contain.
  • It reached the terminal velocity of a projectile and its distance cannot be increased by modifiers that affect projectile speed.
  • When used with modifiers that increases projectile's lifetime the range will be increased. Phasing Arc also works.
  • Can allow the projectile to cast through walls.
    • However, the distance is reduced when casting through particularly hard material, suggesting that the projectile has something similar to the Drilling Shot modifier that is slowed down when passing through material.
  • When combined with damage enhancement modifiers, it can deal damage through walls.
  • When used with limited-use modifiers, e.g. Matter Eater, it can make that modifier unlimited. E.g. a wand with just Matter Eater and Long-Distance Cast on it, will not deplete the remaining charges from the Matter Eater. However, if there are any other projectiles on the wand that are cast, this effect will not work.

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