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The Slime Maggot or Slime Caterpillar (in-game name Limatoukka) is a miniboss found at the buried skull, located deep below the Power Plant, under the Desert Chasm, embedded in extremely dense rock. It is not present in Parallel Worlds.


Limatoukka bleeds Ominous Liquid and applies the poison stain when touched. It deals extreme bite damage and fires homing projectiles from its body. Like other worms it charges at the player, plus it can also fly. The bite is not melee damage, but Melee Immunity perk will still block it.

At 6000 health and with full projectile damage immunity, you have to use a different damage type such as slice to defeat it.



Defeating the Limatoukka will unlock one of the Achievement Pillars.


  • Commonly referred to as "Tiny", both because of the in-code name "maggot_tiny", and ironically because it is huge.


Player for scale.

Buried skull, where it is found.

Quick Look "Tiny" - Alexander