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The Toxic Slime (in-game name Limanuljaska) is a green flying creature which roams many of the early levels. A weaker variant, the Weak Toxic Slime (in-game name Heikko limanuljaska), is found only in the Mines which deals less damage and has less health.


Toxic Slimes shoot accurate, slow flying slime balls from long range, similar to the Slimeball spell. Unlike the player-spell counterpart, the attack used by the normal variant (not the weak variant) has a Toxic Sludge trail which can pool on the ground, or coat the player if the projectile is overhead. They will chase after the player if they move out of their line of sight, making them vulnerable to kiting strategies, especially in more cramped areas.

In environments with the humid modifier such as the Fungal Caverns, the projectiles shot will spray more toxic sludge, and hang in the air for several seconds.

They will bleed Toxic Sludge when hit, quickly coating nearby entities and the terrain with the toxic liquid, though the weak variant tends to bleed much less. When killed, its corpse will also bleed a fairly large quantity of toxic sludge.

When on fire, they will actively go to a known water source to extinguish the fire.

Combat Tips[]

  • Their projectiles fly slowly and can usually be avoided, though the toxic sludge trail it emits can be more of a concern.
  • If fighting more than one at a time, it can be useful to spray a small amount of water around to help minimize the amount of toxic sludge that sticks around.
  • Kiting strategies can be quite effective for forcing them into close range, as they'll quickly give chase as soon as the player moves out of sight.
  • They remain still when firing, so it is effective to dodge their projectiles and retaliate while they are stationary.
  • Make sure to kill them quickly once you damage them. When damaged, they can begin bleeding a small geyser of Toxic Sludge that can make it very difficult and/or dangerous to navigate. Their corpses can sometimes continue this bleeding jet.


  • Despite bleeding Toxic Sludge when hurt and killed, their corpses will emit Slime when damaged by spells such as Chainsaw.
  • The slimeballs fired by the weak variant do, in fact, have a Toxic Sludge trail as well, but it's so weak that it's only noticeable if the projectile is severely slowed (for example via the 'humid' biome trait).

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