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Thrower Modifier Spells
Fireball Thrower
Lightning Thrower
Plasma Beam Thrower
Two-Way Fireball Thrower
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to emit additional spells as they fly.

A charge-limited spell modifier that causes a projectile to cast Lightning Bolt randomly around it while in flight. Stops when the projectile dissipates.


  • Works better for slower projectiles, like Bubble Spark, to get more strikes in a smaller area, or with static projectiles like the mist spells which essentially makes a constant AoE effect.
  • The very limited amount of uses means that you will run out of charges of this very quickly in normal combat, unless you can find a wand with this as always-cast.
  • Due to the erratic nature of the effect, both the immunity to explosions and electricity Perks are recommended.

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