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The Drone (in-game name Lennokki) is a shielded, flying, physics-based enemy found primarily in Fungal Caverns and The Vault.

Behavior & Combat[]

The drone can usually be found banging itself against the terrain trying to reach you, testing which paths it can take. It only has a medium range rifle-shot attack, which it uses to harass more than anything else. Rarely a threat if encountered on its own, it becomes deadly when paired with more aggressive enemies, constantly knocking you to the ground and making any escape attempt that much harder. Its shield prevents projectiles from reaching it, but that can be brought down quickly with rapid sustained fire upon which the drone can be easily destroyed due to its extremely low HP. On death, it will explode in a cloud of fire and rain burning oil down all around.

It doesn't have any particular weaknesses of note, but spells that can either fire rapidly or bypass its shield are very effective. Luminous Drill will bring the drone down very quickly and any projectiles with Homing will hammer through the shield in seconds. A decently sized explosion will also take it out instantly, but can be hard to position right.