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Lava Lake

Chasm to Snowy Depths

The Lava Lake is an expansive area just to the east of the Mines. It consists of a very large and deep lake, filled with lava. At the bottom, an Orb of True Knowledge can be found.

On the eastern bank of the lake is a narrow cave leading to the chasm, which itself leads down to the Snowy Depths. On the left wall of this chasm, a small crack can be found. This crack leads to Karl the kart. Flying over the chasm leads you to a room with another Orb of True Knowledge. In this orb room is an invisible trigger which will spawn Sauvojen Tuntija just under the bridge spanning the chasm. This replaced the previous version's events where enemy spawns or a cave-in would occur on picking up the orb. It is possible to avoid the trigger (see below section).

While the game does not acknowledge it, the Lava Lake acts like it has a special unnamed Biome Modifier, which acts as a amplified version of the Hot modifier. Not only do materials ignite and water quickly evaporate, but any solid material softer than and including Rock will melt into lava. Volcanic Rock, being made from Blood + Lava, is resistant to this effect. (Note: there is a bug in the current release (as of 11/5/2020) where the volcanic rock has an alchemy interaction which instantly melts it into lava again.)

Avoiding The Trigger[]

The trigger for the Sauvojen Tuntija spawn is split into two components:

  1. An initial trigger, internally referred to as orb_07_pitcheck_a, located above the orb itself, which can be avoided.
  2. A secondary trigger, referred to as orb_07_pitcheck_b, located up and to the left of the left water pool, on the way out of the orb room. This is inactive until the player has set off trigger 1.

Avoiding triggering the spawn can be done in two ways. First, for unclear reasons, trigger 1 does not activate if the player stays to the ground. To achieve this, stand on the very leftmost edge of the central pedestal, and walk right toward the orb. Do not levitate, or you will set off the trigger. You'll need a free slot to pick up the tablet, as you can't jump over it safely. Once you have the orb, walk left off the edge, and stick to the ground for a short distance - by the time you're halfway up the ramp, you're safe. Second, while trigger 2 is extremely tall, it is possible to simply dig around it after setting off the first. This particular trigger is extremely tall, so be sure to give a generous space if attempting this!


  • Crossing the lava lake is very straightforward if you have a flask with blood or water handy, just spray it in front of you as you advance.
  • Additionally, you can use some Acceleratium and your normal levitation to fly across.
  • Reaching the orb room at the bottom can be done in several different ways, including using Lava To Blood, or digging into the room either from the side or above.
  • The simplest and most reliable way to get into the orb room requires a single charge of the Black Hole spell. Simply descend the left wall of the chasm under the bridge and listen for the sound emitted by the orb. When you begin to hear it, move around the wall until you find the point at which it is loudest and fire your black hole straight left. Alternatively, use Luminous Drill or Matter Eater.


The orb room at the bottom

digging into the room from the chasm on the right, using Black Hole

The hard way to reach the orb: transmuting and digging through the lake