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Lava is a highly dangerous liquid Material. It flows about as quickly as water and does heavy damage to creatures touching it. Being submerged in lava will nearly always kill anything that enters, as very few creatures are immune to it, most notably enemies found in The Work (Hell), those who use it as blood, as well as ethereal enemies like the Kalmamato in the Temple of the Art. Drinking Lava will light the player on fire which will continue causing damage until the timer has run out. Being fully submerged in a liquid will remove the flaming animation, but not the damage.



  • Touching Water creates Rock, which can slowly re-melt upon contact with leftover lava.
  • Touching Mud creates Ground (which doesn't melt).
  • Blood creates Volcanic Rock (which doesn't melt).
  • Freezing Liquid produces Dense Rock (also doesn't melt).
  • Lava and Toxic Sludge creates Toxic Rock, which damages on contact unless you have toxic immunity.
  • Melts Steel, Diamonds and Copper into more lava, which can result in vast amounts of it if left unchecked (happens frequently in The Vault).
  • Melts Plastic into liquid Molten Plastic.

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