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Bounce Modifier Spells
Bubbly Bounce
Explosive Bounce
Larpa Bounce
Plasma Beam Bounce
Concentrated Light Bounce
Remove Bounce
Spell modifiers that make projectiles bouncy, sometimes with additional effects.
Larpa Spells
Chaos Larpa
Downwards Larpa
Larpa Explosion
Upwards Larpa
Spell modifiers that cause projectiles to throw out duplicates of themselves.

A spell modifier that causes affected projectiles gain an additional bounce and to fire duplicates of itself upon contact.

Copies will be launched at much higher speed than the original. They also don't contain any spell modifiers the original spell has.


  • Use with powerful but slow projectiles for best effect
  • Causes a lot of damage when used with Magic Missile or other explosive spells.
  • Copies damage the player, even ones that normally cannot.
  • There is a 'glitch' with long lasting bouncing projectiles with this modifier: when the modified projectile fades, it shoots copies of what is shot next to it in an octagonal pattern. E.g. when you shoot a slime ball next to it when the projectile expires it will copy those slime balls once. This effect also copies enemies' projectiles.


  • Larpa is a reference to Liero, an old Finnish MS-DOS game that has been cited as inspiration for Noita. In Liero, Larpa shot a missile that drops bullets as it travels through the air.