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The Ghost (in-game name Kummitus) is a semi-rare flying creature that looks quite similar to the player, usually appearing either in the Mines, Coal Pits, or Snowy Depths.


Kummitus always spawns with a wand, which it drops on death. It may also deliberately drop the wand if there are no usable spells left. If not armed with a wand, it will attempt to kick the player, dealing moderate damage. It is hostile to all creatures, and this can be utilized to help destroy particularly bothersome enemies with some creative kiting. However, be aware the Kummitus has a tendency to swap targets to the player, if they are in its line of sight.

Combat Tips[]

  • It takes half damage from most projectiles, even less from melee attacks, and less again from fire. Slice, Ice, and Explosion damage tend to fare the best.
  • As with all enemies who can pick up wands, kicking the ghost will force it to drop its wand, effectively disarming it.
  • As a ghostly enemy it is immune to stains, which includes Polymorphine. However, spell-based polymorphing effects can still apply.


Kummitus has a unique set of spawning conditions. As a blanket prerequisite, you must have at least 35 deaths in runs where:

  1. No game-mods are used,
  2. You are not killed by a disintegration type (e.g. Midas Damage from the normal ending),[1]
  3. You are not killed while polymorphed,
  4. You are carrying at least one wand that is not just an unmodified starting wand.[2]


Each death in this manner causes a bones file to generate in the player's persistent save data. When the player dies holding multiple wands, one of the valid wands will be picked at random to be stored in the bones collection.

To check how many you have, see how many files are in the folder:

  • /Nolla_Games_Noita/save00/persistent/bones_new

Bones files are essentially just wand entity data, stored in individual .XML files. When the folder has 50 items in it, a new one being added will remove a random one.

Alter_Ukko also made a tool for examining bones, so you can go through those and delete the boring ones.


Unlike most enemy spawn triggers, which use the same 3-4 pixel-based triggers in the biome terrain wang tiles to spawn random enemies, Kummitus has a separate spawn function that is tied to a very specific trigger which is used by nothing else. This function has five states[3] where it does different things:

  • State 0 - Spawns nothing, but does a check to see if state advances to 1.
  • State 1 - Spawn 4 candles and advance the state.
  • State 2 - Next possible spawn point will have 4 candles and will advance the state.
  • State 3 - Next possible spawn point will spawn the player ghost and will advance the state.
  • State 4 - Spawn nothing. (This possibly prevents another ghost from ever spawning in the same run, but is unconfirmed.)

The check to advance from state 0 could fail several times and result in no ghost spawning in the whole run. The function has a random variable not tied to the seed or the coordinates, which causes high variance in the ghost spawn even in the same seed. If the check is successful, the game will advance from state 0 to state 2 near instantly. State 2 and 3 last as long as it takes to load in the next possible spawn point for a ghost.

Spawn Locations[]

The following table lists which biomes Kummitus can and cannot currently spawn in, as well as the number of spawn locations currently in the wang tiles[4] for the corresponding biome. The precise probability of Kummitus spawning is unknown, but in general the more possible spawn locations for a given biome, and the larger the biome region, the more likely it is that Kummitus will be seen in that biome.

Biome Spawn Locations
Mines 4
Collapsed Mines 9
Coal Pits 8
Fungal Caverns 6
Snowy Depths 9
Magical Temple Cannot Spawn
Hiisi Base Cannot Spawn
Underground Jungle 12[5]
Lukki Lair 6
The Vault 8
Temple of the Art 7
Wizards' Den 8
Ancient Laboratory Cannot Spawn
Snowy Chasm Cannot Spawn
Frozen Vault 11
Overgrown Cavern 6
Power Plant 11
Pyramid Cannot Spawn
Sandcave Cannot Spawn
Cloudscape Cannot Spawn
The Work (Sky) Cannot Spawn[6]
The Work (Hell) Cannot Spawn[6]


  • Kummitus acts as the ghost of the player from a previous failed run, and it carries one of the wands the player was using at that point. Internally, this entity is named playerghost.
  • While most enemies spawn with full HP, Kummitus spawns with only
    250 ♥
    of its
    1250 ♥
    total health. As a result, it drops more gold than a normal enemy with 250 health would drop. A side effect of this is that a Kummitus can spawn with a healing spell on its wand, allowing it to heal itself past its initial health.


  1. that will delete wands before being saved
  2. i.e. The 2 starting wands will not count, unless the spells on them are changed at some point.
  3. The state value is visible in save00/world_state.xml, in an array called "apparitions_per_level".
  4. This information was mined out of the wang tile data using this PowerShell script, and may change in future updates.
  5. The Underground Jungle is technically split into two similar biomes, with one generating more roomy areas. Both sub-biomes have 6 spawn locations each, but keep in mind that the total area of the Underground Jungle is roughly half normal Jungle, and half "roomy" Jungle, so the additional spawn locations here are mostly a function of how the biome is implemented as a whole.
  6. 6.0 6.1 The repeating biomes known as The Work have 6 Kummitus spawn triggers in their wang tile files, but explicitly override the spawn_apparition() function in their biome script with a no-op function. This prevents Kummitus from ever spawning in these areas.