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The Repair Drone (in-game name Korjauslennokki) is a flying drone enemy which normally appears in The Vault, healing other enemies.

Behavior & Combat[]

Its weapon is a variant of the Heal Projectile spell, doing only 5 healing per hit, but firing much more quickly. Unlike the player spell variant, it does not run out of ammunition.

It is unshielded and cannot take much damage before being destroyed. Since robots cannot be stained with Pheromone, there is no way to convert it to your faction in order to make it heal you. However, if you have the Telekinetic Kick Perk, these robots can be held with telekinesis, allowing you to easily place yourself between the drone and an injured enemy for quick healing.


Previously, you could stain yourself with Berserkium or take the Plague Rats perk to make the drone heal you, but just like for the Parantajahiisi this functionality was removed and no longer works.

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