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The Toad (in-game name Konna) is a small enemy that appears in the Collapsed Mines and Fungal Caverns.


They appear fairly benign, not moving at all, but if the player gets too close they will quickly lunge at them, dealing surprisingly high damage.

Interestingly, if caught on fire they will not react in any way. This may be a reference to the idiom Boiling The Frog.


  • If consumed, will induce the Tripping status effect. This is a reference to the fact that Bufotenin is excreted by some toads.
  • Mixing whiskey with frog meat makes Berserkium.
  • They will often do a lot of damage, because when they attack, they do damage per frame inside the (moving) hitbox and many times, the knockback pushes the player so that they move in sync with the dangerous damaging hitbox

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