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This page contains MAJOR spoilers for the end of the game.

Three-Eye (in-game name Kolmisilmä) is a large spider-like creature found in The Laboratory, and serves as the final boss of the game.

Behavior & Combat[]

Upon entering Kolmisilmä's arena, it is first seen with its legs curled up near the Sampo. If it is approached, Kolmisilmä extends all of its legs, and becomes hostile once the Noita grabs the Sampo. Kolmisilmä attacks with various projectiles that fire off more projectiles in a cross pattern, fly in a downwards arc and cause an upwards jet of flame, fly shortly and summon a ball of lava in its place, and wobble outwards in a pattern similar to the Slithering Path projectile modifier.

Kolmisilmä will often clear materials in a large radius around it, this turns lava, toxic sludge, acid, poison, soil, blood, volcanic rock, rock, toxic rock and poisonous rock into air. It also has a shield similar to the Permanent Shield perk which will turn on and off periodically. Kolmisilmä also uses its legs in a similar fashion to the Lukki, using them to crawl around the arena and attempt to avoid the player's spells. It also sometimes summons Kolmisilmän apurit minions: flying eyeballs which occasionally fire projectiles at the player.

At regular intervals, it will fade and become unhittable together with a Personal Gravity Field which collects projectiles fired at it. As the phase ends, the gathered projectiles will be flung away incased in red auras from the boss. These recycled projectiles can hurt you.

When the Player defeats Kolmisilmä, its limbs and body will split apart and fall down, and a glowing red portal to The Work (End) will spawn.


  • Even hitting the boss can be hard due to its invulnerability phase and large amount of incoming shots. Use the platforms as cover as much as you can.
  • The boss is vulnerable to both material and collision damage, so attacks that create Acid and Poison are extremely effective, as well as falling debris from Earthquake, Earthquake Shot and Nuke.
  • Kolmisilmä will ceaselessly pursue the player once the fight has been initiated, so running away is not a permanent escape. This oversized Lukki will pursue you all the way to the Moon and back.


Kolmisilmä's HP will scale depending on the amount of Orbs collected. Scaling is applied at the moment the Sampo is collected. The number listed in the infobox is the base value (0 orbs). The scaling formula is:

A breakdown of the HP values for up to 11 orbs is below, but this scaling will continue to apply for higher orb counts as well.

Orbs HP
1,211 ♥
1,660 ♥
2,171 ♥
2,804 ♥
3,684 ♥
5,057 ♥
7,414 ♥
11,741 ♥
20,008 ♥
36,154 ♥
68,059 ♥
131,481 ♥

Kolmisilmä will also gain some additional attacks, immunities, and occasionally weaknesses at specific orb counts as well. Along with these notable changes, there are some more subtle differences such as the maximum number of minions he can spawn and have alive at once, the number of projectiles fired for each attack, and so on. See this sheet by Bunzero from the Noita Discord for the full details.

Orbs Changes
1 Shield now captures and reflects projectiles back at the player instead of simply deflecting them, similar to Ylialkemisti's shield.
2 Gains a homing projectile attack.
3 Immune to Fire, Ice, and Electric-type attacks, and more resistant to most other forms of damage.
4 Gains 99% resistance to Acid.
5 Gains slightly more Melee and Drill damage resistance.
6 When capturing a player's projectile, any attached Damage Field will now be retargeted to harm the player as well.
9 Gains 50% resistance to Slice damage, as well as Toxic Sludge and Poison damage, and physics damage.
11 Gains a Polymorphing projectile attack, similar to Sauvojen Tuntija.
12 Gains a drastic vulnerability to Polymorphine. It does not have a polymorphing effect, but will deal heavy damage.
13 Material vulnerability is changed to Chaotic Polymorphine.
14 Material vulnerability is changed to Teleportatium.
15 Material vulnerability is changed to Acceleratium.
16 Material vulnerability is changed to Flummoxium.
17 Material vulnerabilities are removed.
30 Gains immunity to Touch of spell damage and effects.