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The Cursed Crystal (in-game name Kirottu Kristalli), is a purple physics-based enemy that spawns in the Temple of the Art and The Tower. It can sustain a fair amount of damage, and is very dangerous if allowed to open fire, so is a high priority target. It is harmless if kept at a distance though, as its only attack is very short range.


Kirottu Kristalli appears as a purple crystal that leaves a distinct afterimage behind itself as it moves, however it is not emissive and so cannot be seen through the Fog of War. It does not make any sounds while moving through air, but frequently bumps into nearby surfaces, which produces a distinct clinking noise.


Kirottu Kristalli can fly, and will haphazardly navigate through the air, patrolling its location or attempting to chase targets. Despite being rather clumsy and frequently bumping into nearby surfaces, it can move deceptively fast across open space. If shot, it will spin out while dropping to the ground, appearing to be stunned for a brief moment, before taking off again to continue normal behaviour.

When Kirottu Kristalli gets close enough to a target, it will being rapidly firing purple plasma bolts at a rate of 6 per second, as long as the target stays within range. These bolts have very short range, but can deal a huge amount of damage in a short period of time, given their high base damage of 20 and staggering rate of fire.

Combat Tips[]

  • Like other rigid body enemies, it will die instantly when its material body is completely destroyed or erased, even if no damage is dealt to it. This means that, in a pinch, a player can one-shot it with the Black Hole spell (best done in close range as to not miss). It does not count as a trick kill but will drop the regular amount of gold, though the gold is often immediately erased by the black hole.


  • Since its body is made up of rigid body material, the player can actually grab and kick it away with the Telekinetic Kick perk. (Not normally advised since the player will put themselves into its attack range). Kicking it away using the perk will not damage it.

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