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Wand kantele.png
Inventory Icon gun shuffle.png Shuffle
Inventory Icon gun actions per round.png Spells/Cast
Inventory Icon fire rate wait.png Cast delay
0.03 s
Inventory Icon gun reload time.png Rechrg. Time
0.02 s
Inventory Icon mana max.png Mana max
Inventory Icon mana charge speed.png Mana chg. Spd
Inventory Icon gun capacity.png Capacity
Inventory Icon spread degrees.png Spread
0.0 DEG

The Kantele is a unique wand found alongside its note spells inside the Giant Tree. The Kantele can be used to play the note spells in specific combinations to cast a spell. Each melody can only be used once, and playing the same pattern after that will have no effect. Also note that the Kantele is not required for playing the melodies; any wand will suffice.

For a list of known melodies, see the Musical Curiosity page.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A kantele is a traditional Finnish string instrument.

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