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The Skull Fly (actual name Kallokärpänen) is a large flying enemy found in the Pyramid and in the Temple of the Art. It has high HP and uses Path of Dark Flame at range, which makes it difficult to handle for players using only the starting wand.


The Kallokärpänen will slowly fly towards players in its line of sight, pausing to fire Path of Dark Flame every few seconds. If it loses sight of the player, it will give chase for a short while, before resuming its more meandering passive behaviour. While the projectile itself is generally slow enough to dodge, the dark flame trail confines the player's movement for a few seconds, sometimes drastically.

Combat Tips[]

  • Try to stay behind cover as much as possible, and avoid fighting them in rooms with too many other enemies wherever possible.
  • Once they've cast their ranged attack, you have a few seconds to deal damage before they can prepare another shot.
  • Medium to long range spells are recommended, so that you have time to see and dodge their incoming attacks.
  • Avoid crossing the dark flame trail as much as possible until it starts to fade, but remember also that taking one or two hits from it may in some cases be preferable to being hit with something stronger or more dangerous. For example, it may be advantageous to fly through the dark flames to avoid being hit by nearby wizards' debuffs.